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ETI Services, a company located in Anaheim California, manufactures military rugged computer products and military electronics. 



The company offers a full spectrum of quality products and technologies for Government, Defense Organizations and High-Tech Industry.  ETI Services Inc. organization consists of highly qualified engineering professionals in all facts

of electronic, electromechanical and software engineering and manufacturing.


Corporate Overview

ETI Services Inc. commitment is to offer a full spectrum of quality products and technologically advanced services for a wide variety of applications and industries.  We have maintained a strong position within the national and international marketplace, covering both the commercial and military electronics industries.  Our products and services are designed to support military and commercial applications.  Industries applicable are aerospace, computer, telecommunications, automotive and all related industries worldwide.


Corporate Philosophy

ETI Services Inc. philosophy and mission are to provide excellence in our products and services that exceed industry standards while maintaining a professional relationship focusing on exemplary customer service and satisfaction.  Our engineering and sales staff can meet any and all challenges from design concept and manufacturing to the delivery of the final product.  Through the integration of our state-of-the-art equipment, with a growing team of highly trained engineers, we can ensure quality, integrity and timeliness throughout the entire development process.



Individually and corporately, the ETI Services Inc. organization provides and exceptional depth of experience and competence that is directly relevant to the requirements of your effort.  Personnel experience includes all aspects of the design and manufacturing of equipment and systems. Personnel assigned to each team have varied discipline to align proven individual expertise with the task requirements to support unanticipated contingencies.  The Engineering Department has qualified personnel with electronics, computer engineering and mechanical skills, and supported by a fully integrated CAD/CAM system.  These individuals assigned provide specialized support for tasks as required by project oriented effort.  The Operations Department provides personnel with additional manufacturing experiences.  We clearly understand that the success of this effort depends upon competent management, technical abilities, and the flexibility of personnel and we can demonstrate that their experience and dedication to achieving the highest standard possible of performance.  There are ample qualified personnel reserves with our company to backup the positions identified for any effort.


ETI Services Inc.
1400 N. Jefferson St. Unit E Anaheim, CA. 92807
Phone: +1 (714) 524-2986, Fax: +1 (714) 524-8771