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   Mil-STD. Peripherals 

AVS - Rugged Airborne IP Encoder RS170/NTSC/PAL to MPEG4, H.264  via LAN

Avionics Rugged RS-170 Video Streamer


The AVS is a stand alone miniature rugged Unit.  The AVS  receives two NTSC/RS-170 or PAL video and two audio inputs and streams out H.264, MPEG4  via 10/100BaseT Ethernet.  

The AVS is an easy to use video streamer designed to broadcast live video from airborne cameras.  


The AVS handles the video and audio MPEG4 compression, and serving over Ethernet. Viewers do not need to install any special software to view the video stream. It will play directly from   standard players such as Quick Time, VLC etc’.


DC IN:  18-36VDC

Rugged, for Fighters,
Cargo Planes & Helicopters


AVS page

AVS datasheet  


AHS - Rugged Airborne 8 x ports Ethernet
Unmanaged Switch

 AHS Rugged Avionics unmanaged Ethernet Switch


The AHS supports 8 LAN ports of 10/100BaseTX Ethernet. It allows TCP/IP LAN broadening of existing Military systems.The AHS is an easy to use Switch, Plug & play  connectivity. Easy to install with a Quick Release Airborne oriented Tray. The AHS is a stand-alone miniature rugged Unit. Reliable interface via MIL-STD-38999 Military Connectors


DC IN:  18-36VDC
Rugged, for Fighters,

Cargo Planes & Helicopters




AHS page

AHS Specs.

AHS datasheet


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