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Military Rugged Naval

Available Extended Temperature range Operation  from -20°C to + 71°C

CMC-e,  Core 2 Duo, or Quad Core i7, Rugged PC


 19" Rack mounted CMC-e PC

Naval CMC-e 


Naval CMC-e - Full Size Boards

 Naval CMC-e - Base Mounted





CMC-e PC, is a rugged Low power i7 based PC computer specially designed for use in Airborne military environment. It includes includes a passive back-plane with up to three 3/4 size PCI cards; one PCI-e x 16, one PCI-e x 4 and one PCI-e x 1. The computer supports Windows® XP,  Windows® 7, Linux and INtime real time operating systems.  The computer is manufactured in two versions;  19 Rack mounted unit and Base mounted unit.
Operation from 12-36VDC. Hold-Up time 100msec.

Temperature: With Core 2 Duo CPU, the unit operates from -25°C to + 71°C.
With Quad Core i7, the unit operates from  -20°C to + 60°C. 
MIL-Specs:  MIL-STD-461E, MIL-STD-810F.
Applications:       Vehicles, Naval Environment
Interfaces:  Custom made I/O interfaces
Operating Systems: XP, Win. 7, Ubuntu, Win. Embedded, INtime, Windows Server.
DC IN:  18-36VDC or 12-36VDC
Exp. Slots 3 x PCI-e (x 1, 4, 16),  3 x PCI
Disk:  8GB internal Flash + 16GB-256GB Removable Flash
USB 2.0 6
LAN: 4 x 100/1000BaseT via Internal Switch
Video: DVI, VGA, RS-170
GPS Internal GPS
Audio IN  
Options - MIL-STD-1553,
- ARINC-429,
- CAN Bus
- Discrete Signals,
- NTSC/PAL Streaming
- STANAG 3350, (RS-170, RS-343),
- AIS Receiver,
- Video out from Nvidia/Radeon - PCI-e x16


CMC-e page

CMC-e datasheet


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